What we do

Social networking

Power of Sisterhood

New skills, more contacts, bigger opportunities

Social media

  • Online citizenship.
  • Facebook account management.
  • Communicate using twitter.
  • Personal Branding with LikedIN.
  • Youtube and Instagram sharing.
  • Online collaborating tools.


  • European Research on migrant women needs for social media.
  • Guides on how social media helps the integration process.
  • Offline and online training materials.
  • An E-learning platform.

Online learning

  • Social media training courses hub.
  • Developing online networking.
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Youtube channel.

Built for the future.

This 6 modules, and 5 personal development circles training, offers the opportunity to build up your social capital in the arriving country.

How is this possible?

  • Our Insiders Guide provides informations about the social benefits, housing, health, job searching and services for migrant women in Italy, Uk, Sweden and Portugal.
  • In our trainings you meet women from all over the world and you can expand your social network.
  • Increasing your employability chances using the online tools.

The spirit of the sisterhood, stays at the base of creating the relaxing and safe environment to open up for your personal development and reshape your new identity in the arriving country.

Relaxing & Empowering meetings.

We look after your abilities and knowledge, not your social status.

Project Coordinator

IKF Malmö is an organization that offers social integration opportunities to migrant women for over 50 years in Malmö, Sweden.

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