Social Media Sisterhood project meeting in Bologna


With the occasion of the 4th partner’s meeting, the SMS consortium gathered in Bologna at the end of  January 2020, and it was hosted by our italian partner STePS. The aim of this meeting was to share how partners experienced the second piloting of the SMS modules.

Another objective of the meeting was to see the developments of our online hub, and decide the ways of harmonising all the informations and materials shared on this online space. As a result of this discussions our partner, WiTEC Sweden will lead us and our participants at the end of February,  in an international webinar about how to use the updated version of the hub.


The conclusions of the 2 days discussions were that the project developments are according to the plan and the partnership is successful functioning, as all the indicators were met and each partners found innovative ways to adapt the modules to our women needs. As well it was a great occasion of solving all the uncertainties build up in time, as a face to face meeting is a much better environment to overcome any challenges.

3rd Project Team Meeting and SMS training programme Pilot 1 evaluation 

The SMS project partners met in Lisbon on this occasion and the meeting was held on the 4th and 5th of April 2019.  The main aim of the meeting was to offer partners the chance to discuss the progress of the Pilot 1 along with lessons learned and useful recommendations for the next Pilot.

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Provided that the meeting was organised shortly after the Interim Report was sent. Partners decided to take the opportunity and discuss all past activities and have a look at the upcoming ones taking all necessary steps in ensuring further smooth development of the project.

The overall status is that the project is successfully progressing with its activities showing good results so far.

2nd Project Team Meeting and Train the Trainers session

The meeting took place between the 19th and the 21st of September 2018 in Malmö, Sweden. There were a total of 20 participants from International Women’s Organisation in Malmö, Inova Consultancy in the UK, AidLearn from Portugal, Steps in Italy and WiTEC from Sweden.

Day 1 2

This is the latest event of the project that offered all partners the possibility to meet a second time to discuss about current project activities and the future steps. This was the meeting where a 1,5 days Train the Trainers session was provided in the framework of the Intellectual Output 2. All the partners went through each of the six Learning Modules that were developed by one partner each and offered feedback for improvements. Participants were acquainted with the Diversity Circles™ training methodology provided by Inova Consultancy in the UK – a methodology to be used during the Training Programme.

The External Evaluator, was also invited to participate in all these activities, to meet in person our project partners and learn more about the project as we are now coming closer to the Interim Report where the External Evaluation Report will be an important component.

Day 2 2

Everybody enjoyed a friendly working atmosphere and the opportunity to learn new things. Now all our partners are ready to start delivering the 6 Modules and the 5 Circles in their respective countries before May 2019.

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