SMS online education useful resource in times of Covid 19!

Our project was once again on the agenda of the Swedish National Agency, as an example of good practice and results. Our e-learning platform is available and free of charge to take advantage of our learning materials about social media tools and ways to integrate in society, accesing information from employment, how to best connect online to find the job you want, to human rights on what you need to know about the institutions and different types of suppor that is available in the Resources section in the Insider’s Guide. This resources are available in four languages, English, Italian, Swedish and Portugues.

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Progress of the world’s women

Progress of the World’s Women 2019–2020: Families in a changing world

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Families around the world look, feel, and live differently today. Families can be “make or break” for women and girls when it comes to achieving their rights. They can be places of love, care, and fulfillment but, too often, they are also spaces where women’s and girls’ rights are violated, their voices are stifled, and where gender inequality prevails. In today’s changing world, laws and policies need to be based on the reality of how families live.

UN Women’s flagship report, “Progress of the world’s women 2019–2020: Families in a changing world”, assesses the reality of families today in the context of sweeping economic, demographic, political, and social transformation. The report features global, regional, and national data. It also analyses key issues such as family laws, employment, unpaid care work, violence against women, and families and migration.

At a critical juncture for women’s rights, this landmark report proposes a comprehensive family-friendly policy agenda to advance gender equality in diverse families. A package of policies to deliver this agenda is affordable for most countries, according to a costing analysis included in the report. When families are places of equality and justice, economies and societies thrive and unlock the full potential of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report shows that achieving the SDGs depends on promoting gender equality within families.

The original article can be found on the UN Women website at the following link:


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Article Updates

Together we are stronger!

We are proud to announce that the SMS training in Italy has been successfully concluded in January 2020. Together with a group of amazing women from all over the world we followed the SMS Learning Programme about how to use better social media for a fuller social inclusion in the host country. 
Does not matter from where you come from, migration process from one country to the other is challenging for all but there are many tools that can facilitate the transition. SMS tries to meet women’s need concerning the search of information about the new country, settlement procedures, job opportunities, housing and many other aspects crucial to build a new house. In the digital era, social media offer us a huge potential to communicate, build and maintain the network, find information about events and groups – everything to break social isolation. 
Two pilot trainings run in Italy brought together more that 20 women, who during the sessions could exchange their experiences and find new ideas regarding their stay in Italy. Thanks a lot! I believe we all learned a lot! 


How Social Media training in Malmö helped our participants

From the self-report pre & post training, the indicator that showed the biggest change was Self-motivation, the biggest changes where reported in the soft skills as presentation skills and being sensitive to others or themselves. Practical issues as Time Management, Goal setting, Networking and Problem-solving skills where manifested as well. All of these indicators have shown a change on average of ~2 to ~3 points in the increase of their perceptions.

The biggest changes where presented in the indicators Knowing how and where to get support when needed, Networking, and Self-Motivation.

The participants in the program expressed that it is a safe place, that it changed their lives and that it came to cover a role that was needed for them to work on their dreams.

So even if the practical information was delivered and the learning of networking and job searching tools in the different platforms was useful, the fact that they belonged to the SMS training was the one that affected the most their lives and created a feeling of fulfilment in their paths towards social and labour integration.