Our partners


The International Women’s Organisation in Malmö has a vision of a world where all are equal, responsible, showing solidarity and mutual respect. It is a politically and religiously independent organisation that empowers and supports women with integration to the Swedish society.


AidLearn is a small HR Consulting enterprise, based in Lisbon (Portugal), and focused on improving the competencies of Portuguese population. It is a training provider all over the country, and highly experienced in European projects in order to create training tools to use in Portugal.


Inova is based in Sheffield (UK) and aims to improve lives by supporting individuals to fulfill their potential. Inova provides training programmes funded by the European Commission in the area of entrepreneurship and career development, with a focus on diversity and equal opportunities.


STePS pioneers approaches to formal and non-formal learning to enable personal growth as well as inclusive and sustainable change in organisations and territories. STePS elaborates and manages demand-driven projects aiming at the empowerment of individuals through personalised, collaborative and participative learning.


WITEC (European Association for women in SET) was set up in 1988 and has 30 years of experience working in the promotion and support of girls and women in STEM. WITEC has national co-ordinators in more than 10 European countries.